Fake News. Truthiness. Alternative facts. You thought this was something new.

Think again.

Welcome to the world beneath the Beijing smog.


A novel of cyber spies, hackers and corruption.

An internet image on the loose.


Because when you're online, the truth is as clear as the Beijing smog.

The novel

Published by Matador, an imprint of Troubadour Publishing.


The author

A debut novel by Ian Williams, former foreign correspondent for Channel 4 and NBC News.

Beijing Smog is a gripping, character-led novel that takes a satirical look at the topsy-turvy world of modern China.

Edgy and original, the novel captures the mad and menacing world beneath the smog, where corrupt politicians and businessmen struggle for power, spies stalk cyberspace, a bubble economy is about to burst - and nothing is ever quite as it seems.