The Gasping Dragon

See what's trending in Wang Chu's online world - and what he's got to say about it


Dangerous Propaganda! Good to see the Party moving quickly and decisively to outlaw such damaging and subversive material.


Great stuff! The National People's Congress finally gets underway in Beijing. And lots of gripping stuff to talk about!

What a stupid place to put a fountain. But great that she kept hold of the phone


But what I don't get is why they're bothering to come back.

And then there were none!

So what will get them first? death or corruption? Or possibly both.

Yeah, yeah. Pretty scary. But the problem I have with this video is that it looks too GOOD. Come on guys. Beijing smog is far worse that this.

Seems like the Party leadership has been checking out the north-west again

What's this American thing with fake news and truthiness? Like its all theirs - and something new. Have they never seen a Chinese newspaper?


Yeah, big deal

Says here, he'll be deprived of his political rights for the rest of his life. What political rights are they? That's a new one on me

Seems like everyone's playing this frigging game. 50m seems pretty low to me. There are better games, though. Anybody tried Whack An Alien?

This is cool .... Beijing IS the movie!

So funny

But a stupid crackdown. Why else would anybody go to a funeral in the countryside?


What's this Marooned 5 anyway? Don't they know that the Dee-El never has happy birthdays in China?

This is ideal

Perfect headquarters for the bunch of pricks who work for the paper